Physician Accountability for Physician Competence: Summit VI

The Alliance for Good Medical Practice

Shifting Paradigms for Competence

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Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
UME/GME CME Specialty Boards
Ayres, Ronald Annis, Joseph Bailey, Susan
Dorman, Todd Brim, Melanie Clarkson, John
Gallagher, Thomas Davis, David Haley, Kathleen
Hawkins, Richard Davis, Nancy Melnick, Donald
Heard, Jeanne Little, Brian Pohl, Henry
Kowalski, Timothy Meoli, Frederick Puffer, M.D., James
Smothers, Valerie Padmore, Jamie Weiss, Kevin
Stack, Steven Spivey, Bruce
Team 4 Team 5 Team 6
Licensing Boards Payers/Purchasers Health care orgs
Clark, Danny Becher, Jr, John Cox, Malcolm
Clothier, Carol Hafner-Fogarty, Rebecca Fedor, Robert
Lefebvre, Fleur-Ange Hoven, Ardis Jobe, Ann
Sachdeva, Ajit Rhodes, Robert Kirch, Darrell
Stockman, James Sheppa, Michael McHugh, James
Thompson, Jim Skolnik, Patty Miles, Paul
Wolfson, Daniel Watt, David Panagopoulos, Amy
Van Etta, Linda
Team 7 Team 8 Team 9
Patients/family/consumers Physicians in Practice Program Accreditors
Adams-Ender, Clara Aschenbrener, Carol Clyman, Stephen
Cohen, Jordan Bechamps, Gerald Kahn, Norman
Finelli, Frederick Benjamin, Regina Kendel, Dennis
Gibson, Rosemary Dalton, Claudette Kopelow, Murray
Schoenbaum, Stephen Galbraith, Robert Nasca, Thomas
Susank, Edward Greene, Peter Schneidman, Barbara
Wilson, Modena Nylen, John Swartwout, James
Turton, Frederick Wartman, Steven


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Team 1 UME-GME

Team 2 CME

Team 3 Specialty Boards

Team 4 Licensing Boards

Team 5 Payers-Purchasers

Team 6 Health Care Organizations

Team 7 Patients-Family-Consumers

Team 8 Physicians in Practice

Team 9 Program Accreditors



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