Workshop Overview

The Fifth Summit in the Physician Accountability for Physician Competence series was held December 5 - 7, 2007 in Dallas, Texas.  The 77 participants in the Summit included representatives from a broad range of medical, consumer, academic, and regulatory organizations interested in a forward thinking process focused on determining, measuring and assuring the public of Physician competence throughout the life of the Physician.

The Summit was organized into three major tracks of work:

Track 1: Sustaining the Effort
This track built on work that took place at Summit IV in St. Petersburg in January 2007, with a particular emphasis on reaching consensus about the feasibility of forming an Alliance for Physician Competence. Participants in this track agreed that the Alliance should establish a stronger identity but avoid creating a formal organization and structure. The "Alliance process" of convening and dialogue among participants is central to the value proposition. The participants developed a model for organizing the Alliance for the next 18 months, including staffing and funding models. They propose using Alliance funds to pay for a full-time staff person to coordinate Alliance activities. The group recommends the formation of a "sponsor group" from participating organizations to help guide the Alliance. The membership of this sponsor group should change regularly and represent the diversity of the participating organizations, but the final selection process has yet to be determined. Finally, the group developed a draft "Participant Agreement" for organizations that participate in the Alliance.

Track 2: Measuring Competencies
This track focused on the continued evolution of the Good Medical Practice - USA document. Participants developed a version of GMP-USA with several sections - one simplified aspirational component and one section explaining the aspirational section in more detail. They developed a draft version of pre-amble and purpose statements for these different sections and also began to explore various uses of GMP-USA through the eyes of a number of stakeholder groups. A small group began to explore the development of guidelines for developing assessments for the competencies articulated in GMP-USA and another small group developed a communication plan.

Track 3: Infrastructure for Information Exchange

This track focused on developing an infrastructure for exchanging data from multiple sources, with a specific focus on models, technologies and implications.  Participants developed the concept of the trusted agent organization, dubbed THINC, Trusted Hub Incorporated.  THINC would be a data exchange portal or facilitator that would serve as an intermediary between data providers, such as State Licensing Boards, and physicians who need to provide their records to various other regulatory boards and agencies.  Building on the success of the CLAF pilot, they developed models of the organization, membership, and operations of the THINC organization.  They also developed a detailed list of possible services or applications that could take advantage of the Trusted Hub infrastructure, and explored the eFolio model in detail.

Overall, significant progress was made in all three tracks.  Many important issues were discussed in detail, and greater clarity achieved on many key points.  At the conclusion of the Summit the participants discussed who should be invited to to participate in the future, and it was agreed that keeping the process open was an important aspect of the project.

Building on the success of this Summit, a sixth Summit is planned for the summer of 2008. 

On behalf of all the conveners, our sincere thanks to all participants for the spirit of open dialog that was evident throughout the Summit.

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Real Time Record

This web site is a record of the event in Westlake, TX as it happened - captured in real time and presented here in this web site. The documentation of the session includes text and images that were captured throughout the course of each day of the session and is chronological (in the order that things happened). The text is not a transcription of the event. Rather, it represents the documentor's synthesis of the presentations, the team reports and the large group discussions.

This record is intended as a reminder to the participants of the conversations that took place during the retreat, as a stimulus for further conversation and it serves as an artifact of the group's work.

For anyone who was not present at the event reading this, you may lose some of the energy and creativity the participants expressed - and some of the ideas may not translate completely without that context. If you have any questions about the content or anything that is represented here please speak to someone that participated in the process or contact Michael Kaufman at InnovationLabs.


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